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Need more resources for your students? Our teacher-approved job aid is here to help! 


Quickly learn the science of grant writing to accelerate teaching and learning with this beginner-friendly guide including:

✏️Practical grant tips and strategies from educators just like you

✏️Winning grant proposals exemplars

✏️Easy-to-read chapters that mirror classroom lesson plans

✏️Templates for writing a grant

✏️Comprehension checks to check for understanding


All of these features help strengthen your foundational grant writing knowledge so you have the best chance of getting the funding that you need.


If you are an educator who...

✔️has created a lesson plan

✔️needs educational supplies and equipment to enhance the learning environment

✔️is motivated to access even a fraction of the Billions in grant funding available

✔️wants a grant writing cheat sheet tailored specifically for educators


This Grant Writing Starter Guide is a MUST HAVE to fully stock your classroom, school, childcare center.


Grab a copy for yourself and/or other educators today!




Condition: New

Grant Writing Starter Guide [Teacher Edition]

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