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Fundamentals of STEAM Education

Curious about STEM + Arts? This interactive lab explores the impact that Science, Mathematics, Arts, Engineering, and Technology has on our daily lives; and the importance of integrating these subjects when teaching students.   ​​


Participants will able to
  • Apply their new-found knowledge on the principles of project-based learning into creating activities for students via the classroom and their home

  • Identify STEAM careers that will interest children 

  • Develop ways to integrate STEM and the Arts in the classroom and home. 

Who should take this course?
  • Educators

  • Youth Development Leaders

  • Parents

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Assessment Criteria 

To earn CEUs, the learner must complete and pass a final exam with an 80% or higher to demonstrate cognitive mastery of learning outcomes. 

CEUs awarded

CEU will be awarded upon successful completion.

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